I was on the way to work and just turning onto the Broadway Bridge when I heard of the first plane hitting the Word Trade Center. I walked into the newsroom to see everyone staring at the coverage and saw the second plane hit.

We all knew then, that this was something bigger than we had seen in our lifetimes happening right in front of our eyes.

I went to my office and started updating todaysthv.com with what information we had.

The small sever and database that was hosting our site was brought down by the online traffic. I had to post every story and update in old-school html just to keep the site up. That morning, I posted about the towers being hit, the towers falling, the Pentagon being attacked, and the downing of flight 93.

The one sound I will never forget, was the sound on the broadcast news reports of the sound of the hundreds of fireman’s locators beeping from the rubble of the downed towers.

It was late in the afternoon before I finally had time to stop and to respond to what had happened. I was so busy, that I had no time to process any of it. I was doing all I could to post reports and photos. When it finally hit me, I closed the door to my office, and prayed. And I cried.