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A Cola Question

At the end of this post will be a question.

Before we get there, let me tell you about going out on calls with my dad way back in the early 1970’s.

Dad was a veterinarian who owned and practiced out of the Conway Animal Clinic. He practiced on both large and small animals until he had to sell the practice in 1976 due to disability (if you get into an physical match with a horse, usually the horse wins) . Many times with large animals like cows and horses he would go out on call to treat the critters.

This one time in particular, dad went out on a call out towards Vilonia. Most of the time, especially before I started elementary school, I would go out on calls with him. I don’t remember the specifics about that call, but I do remember us stopping on the way back in to the clinic to get a soda. I was five years old and it was 1971.

Dad pulled his maroon 1968 GMC long-bed pick-up into the gravel parking lot of the Squirrel Hill Grocery on Highway 64. I remember dad getting me a big bottle of RC Cola.

Now, as I remember it was a hot dusty day and that soda tasted like sweet, sugary, carbonated heaven.

It was not the last time I had an RC Cola. I know I have had several since then. But, as far as I remember it had been decades since I had last tasted an RC.

So, today I am shopping at Kroger and decided I wanted a cold drink for the drive home. In the aisle that sells the refrigerated cold drinks and soft drinks I spied a 20 oz. bottle of RC Cola. So, for nostalgic reasons, I picked one up and put it in the buggy. (Note: for you non-Southerners, “buggy” is used regularly in place of “shopping cart”.)

I checked out, put the groceries in the car, and got in and put my seatbelt on. Then I spun off the cap to my RC, tilted it back and expected to be transported back to the bench seat of daddy’s truck on a hot summer day in 1970 in the dusty parking lot of an old gas station.

Which leads me to my question I referenced at the beginning of this post: Has RC Cola always tasted like flat Pepsi?

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