A Conversation With Thurg The Caveman On Masks

I saw someone share this photo on Facebook today, and I shook my head in disappointment.

The image was of a woman holding a sign that says “If you’re wearing a mask, why would you care if I am not? Your mask works, right?”

The people posting this sentiment seem to think that we are wearing masks to protect ourselves, the mask wearer. Many times it has been shared through multiple media and social media platforms that the purpose of the masks is to keep the spread down by protecting others from any virus we may have. The logic used is that if enough people wear the masks, that along with using social distance guidelines we can keep the spread rate down, especially from those who are potentially asymptomatic who may be shedding the virus but otherwise not feeling any ill-effects from the virus.

But then I realized, that we were using words like “asymtomatic” and other words with more than two syllables.  I thought maybe if we broke it down to language a caveman could understand, they might understand the concept.

So, here goes nothing:

“Thurg no like masks! Thurg not wear mask. Thurg no afraid to get beer virus!”

“You mean the coronavirus, Covid-19.”

“That what Thurg said, dummy! The fake beer virus they all say so bad. Anyway, Thurg not afraid of weak puny fake virus, so Thurg no wear mask! Thurg got his freeedommm!”

“Ok Thurg. You know the mask is not to protect you, right? It is to keep you from spreading to other people.”

“Thurg not believe that! Thurg watch man at magic video on the eBay place. He tell Thurg it is lie!”

“So you watched a video online that was slanted to align with your previously held beliefs and bias to make you feel better about your decision to not wear a mask.”

“Thurg not know what you just say. Thurg confused.”

“I know Thurg. I know.”

I don’t think Thurg can be helped.

One video from PBS Digital Studios explains why wearing a mask helps. Too bad Thurg and others like him will never watch it.