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I haven’t posted in a while.  To be totally honest I haven’t felt inspired or motivated to write a post since dad passed in November.  Too many things going on that have to be handled and  it seems there is not enough time to do it all.

I do want to take time to talk about my new job with the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Back last October, I was contacted by Mark Epperson with the ARUMC about a position they had that I may be interested in. We had a good conversation.  I was open and upfront and told Mark I was a Christian, but not a Methodist and asked if this would  be a problem. He assured me it would not.  Excellent, because it was not a problem for me.

My hiring did not happen quickly.  In the midst of this process, my dad had his final struggle.  But finally, I did get the offer to come to work for the ARUMC. My first day was January 22, 2013.  It has been a fantastic experience for me professionally and personally.  I have made several friends in the two months I have been there.  They have made allowances for the steep learning curve this lifelong Baptist boy has had to face and have been there every step of the way to help and support me.

A few may wonder why I left Lafferty Equipment.  Let me say first that I have nothing but good things to say about the folks at Lafferty Equipment.  They were there to hire me after my lay-off from THV.  My bosses there were nothing but stellar to me when dad passed and were very understanding about the time I had to take off.  But, after much prayer and consideration taking the job with ARUMC just felt like the right thing to do.

So, that is how and why a Baptist boy ended up working for the Methodist Church.  In the short time since starting the job, I have come to love the job and the people I have been blessed with meeting through my new position.

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