I am just a regular guy married to an extraordinary woman with two exceptional sons.

Here are the bullet points about my life and my points of view:

  • Professional nerd.
  • I was born in 1966 and have lived in Conway, AR for most of my life.
  • My first job was as a lifeguard at Cove Creek Scout Reservation in 1980. Stop laughing, I was thinner then.
  • Graduated Conway High School in 1984.
  • During most of the 1980’s, I had a mullet.  I am not proud of this.
  • Married Debbie on September 13, 1986. Lucky woman.
  • Dogs are better than cats.
  • Was a radio DJ all through High School and stayed in radio until 1989. Lotsa fun. No money.
  • While I was at KLAZ in Hot Springs, my on-air name was Adam Blade. The most 80’s name ever.
  • 1988 my eldest boy is born.  No time for fun. Needed money.  So in 1989, I got a real job at Target Distribution Center. I had to sweat and everything.
  • 1993 my youngest boy is born. We’re done.
  • Started my online career as the first webmaster and launched the very first web site (thecabin.net) at the Log Cabin Democrat in 1997.
  • I became the first ever webmaster for KTHV Television in Little Rock in 1999. Thanks to the wonderful, hard-working folks with me THV11.com became most visited local web site in Arkansas during my 10-year run as webmaster.
  • I am listed in the credits of the Van Halen Encyclopedia.
  • Van Halen is better with David Lee Roth.
  • I have political views. I may or may not reference them in my blog.  I am probably not going to change your mind. You for dang sure will not change mine. Leave it at that.
  • Some of my strongly held beliefs:
    1. There is a God and it ain’t you.
    2. Jesus is who He said He was.
    3. Politics and Facebook go together like 2Live Crew and the Pentecostal Church.
    4. Never put ketchup on a hot dog.