Belle: Ode To My Dog

She had one tooth in her head, was mostly blind, was almost deaf, had a weak ticker and she had an absolute love for her people that filled a whole house from one tiny dog.

She was our girl.  Lilly Belle LaRose.  She usually went by Belle, but alternately she was called Smelly Belle, Miss Belle, and sometimes Squirrel Girl.

I was commuting to work when Debbie called me to say that the clinic called and that Belle had passed away during the night.

This makes two blog posts in a row where I am talking about losing my dogs.

We bought her for Baxter, you know.  We had had Baxter for about three months before we decided he needed a buddy.  We found Belle in Russellville with a nice older couple whose Yorkie had given birth to one little pup. Belle and Baxter became a duo. The Pit Yorkies I dubbed them.

She loved us. Me, Debbie, Bradley and Ryan. And Baxter.  Everyone else could just go away as far as she was concerned.

We noticed in the past week that she was not feeling well. On Monday, March 18 Deb took her to the veterinarian where she was diagnosed with a UTI and put on fluids and antibiotics and kept overnight. They called Debbie with the news Tuesday morning.

I am going to miss that little dog that followed me all over the house like she was on a string. The one who wanted nothing more than to be with her people.

If you were down for a nap, she was more than willing to jump in and nap with you. Watch TV? Sure, right by me in the recliner.

The house feels really empty now.