That Blog Thing, The Covid-19 Files

Covid-19 Thoughts: 04/13/2020

If I ever actually sit down and write down my memoirs, this situation from the Covid-19 coronavirus has many chapter titles currently swirling through my head for this particular part of my life. The one that has the most traction right now is this: Covid-19. Or How I Found Out Which Of My Friends On Social Media Were Either Stupid…

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That Blog Thing

Belle: Ode To My Dog

She had one tooth in her head, was mostly blind, was almost deaf, had a weak ticker and she had an absolute love for her people that filled a whole house from one tiny dog. She was our girl.  Lilly Belle LaRose.  She usually went by Belle, but alternately she was called Smelly Belle, Miss Belle, and sometimes Squirrel Girl.…

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