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Covid-19 Thoughts: 04/13/2020

If I ever actually sit down and write down my memoirs, this situation from the Covid-19 coronavirus has many chapter titles currently swirling through my head for this particular part of my life.

The one that has the most traction right now is this: Covid-19. Or How I Found Out Which Of My Friends On Social Media Were Either Stupid Or Insane.

Seriously folks. Some of the wackier things I have seen on Facebook:

  • The virus is man made from a lab in China and funded by George Soros/Bill Gates/A combination of both
  • It is not a virus, it is 5G towers beaming sickness in our heads.
  • Comparing it to the H1N1 outbreak, because: Obama.
  • Crackpot cures like turning off electronics, bananas or whatever the heck Jim Bakker is hawking.
  • Claiming catfish in the Arkansas River in Oklahoma are testing positive for coronavirus.
  • Downplaying how dangerous this thing is,  or just out-and-out denying it even exists!

Folks, Bill Gates is not some Bond villain. Heck, this wouldn’t even be one of the good Bond plots. This is like the Timothy Dalton Bond plots.

I have come to the conclusion that people will believe anything, even the most outlandish crap over the most plausible. I don’t know why. I am not a shrink. Maybe they think it gives them comfort to know they have “The truth”.  Anyway, I am tired of seeing it.

So, from this point forward if you post something mindnumbingly stupid in regards to the Covid-19 outbreak, I will do one of the following:

  • Call you on it. I will ask if you checked your sources before posting.
  • Snooze you for 30 days if you are a good friend who has taken leave of their senses.
  • If you are not a good friend, I will either unfollow, unfriend or just out-and-out block your butt for posting inane crap that you put out there because you are not bright enough to check the validity of the “information” you are posting.

Look, you wackos, it’s a virus that most likely came out if the wet markets in China. It probably happened because virus transmitted from an animal to human. It. Happens. And let’s say it did come from a medical research lab, it was most likely accidental infection and not a billionaire plot for population control.

And, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS! For the love of Pete people, for ONCE leave the politics out of this! This is way bigger than your hate for Trump or Pelosi!

Am I mad? Yep.

Am I venting? Also yep.

I am I sorry? Not one little bit.

Bring on the crazy. I dare you.


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