Grudges Are Heavy Things

I know of an estranged mother and daughter. I have an idea about what caused the estrangement, but not all the particulars. Honestly, the particulars really are not all important to my point.

My point is this: Grudges are heavy things. They weigh on the soul, especially on the grudge holder’s.

I have never actually met the daughter in this situation, but If I were to speak to the young lady who has the grudge against her mother, I would make the following points:

  1. You may feel you have every right to be angry. They may have hurt you. Forgive anyway.
  2. You or your mother are not ever guaranteed tomorrow, or the next minute even.  Forgive now.
  3. You don’t have to forget what happened, but the past cannot be changed. Forgive. Talk. Find a way forward.

A fellow I know wrote a song with following lyrics:

“Nothing’s worth losing
Especially the chance to make it right

And I know that we’re gonna be fine
And the tattooed mistakes
Are gonna fade over time
As long as we live, time passes by
And we won’t get it back when we die”

Talk to your momma.