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I Am Willing To Admit I May Be Wrong

I am willing to admit I may be wrong about my current mindset, opinions, and what I think are facts about how we approach Covid-19 and the facts about this virus.

We are still learning about it.  The situation is fluid. We can only go with the best information we have. There may come a time, and probably will, that I will have to change my views based on new findings.

I will be the first to admit I am not a doctor in any field.  This is why I am listening to the medical professionals from the CDC, Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, and other reputable institutions filled with people who have forgotten more about virus and infectious diseases than most of us will ever know.

From what I can see, the people dead set against wearing a mask came at it from this angle: I don’t want to wear a mask, so I am going to find websites, videos and other online sources that support my bias.

I hate wearing a mask. They are hot and uncomfortable.  I early on looked for good reputable sources on how I in good conscience could not wear a mask. All the reputable sources said we need to wear a mask to help to mitigate the spread. I found plenty of sources that said we don’t need to wear a mask. None of those made the cut as from coming from reputable sources.

So, it came down to these two binary choices for me using cost/benefit analysis:

  1. I could wear a mask with the benefit of helping to keep down the spread of the virus. Find out the CDC, Mayo Clinic, Stanford and a myriad of other solid sources were wrong, and the cost I had to endure was wearing a piece of cloth across my face for a period of time.
  2. I could not wear a mask. I could be wrong and disregard what medical professionals are telling us. I could potentially spread the virus to someone who could become very ill.

That is what informed my decision.

I am very aware that this situation WILL change as we learn more, and that things that we think are true now, may not be so or may be absolutely correct.

I am willing to admit I may be wrong as we find out more about this disease.

Are you?

My “I Am Willing To Be Wrong” Manifesto


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