Know Your Worth

I don’t actively freelance anymore. But when I did, I did not charge enough. I would undercut myself.

I read something that really struck me on a blog aimed at freelance developers. The writer said he once asked someone he looked up to, “Why should I charge so much for something that is so easy for me to do?” The reply was, “Precisely because they cannot do it.”

Surgery may be easy to a surgeon. My wife can cut, color, and style hair. I can do coding. Real coding from the ground up. Am I the best out there? Nope. I can name some folks out there who can code in their sleep.

But I am competent. I can build a website from the ground up using nothing but a text editor. I won’t these days because I have some really good tools that knock some time off, but I could if needed. I can troubleshoot code because I understand code.

I recently heard from someone who complained that they couldn’t believe what a web developer was quoting them. The number they were quoted was not outrageous for the work they wanted done. They asked if I would consider it. I passed. My time and skills are worth way more than what they were willing to pay.

People who are doing freelance and doing good work should be paid for it. If you think it is too much, go on out and see if you can set up a good site. If Wix, Weebly or Squarespace works for you, fantastic. If you can get what you need from WordPress and can actually figure it out, rock on man. You can use Drupal? I bow to you.

Otherwise, you will probably get what you pay for.