In a recent blog post, I Am Willing To Admit I May Be Wrong, I stated that I am… well willing to be wrong in regards to my current stand and views on the Covid-19 virus. But here are the ground rules for that statement:

  1. The information that informs my thinking will come from reliable sources of information, including but not limited to the CDC, WHO,  and other sources of peer reviewed case studies and publications. It will not come from various YouTube videos (unless they cite their information from one of the aforementioned sources), Facebook memes, and people that form their opinion based on their emotions, political views, or especially if they barely passed high school biology.
  2. I believe that science works by testing theories and suppositions and that we know more about this disease and how it spreads now than we did six months ago, and that we will know more about this disease six months in the future than we do now. Because THAT IS HOW SCIENCE WORKS!
  3. I will trust these sources because of the list of things that science does not care about:
    • Your political opinion
    • My political opinion
    • Your religion
    • What country you live in
    • Your skin color
    • Your gender
    • What you want to be true

So, there you go.


Butch Renfroe