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Random Thoughts – Monday, March 26, 2012

  • Why would anyone ever buy premium brand saltine crackers and not a store brand?
  • Bootstrap may be my new choice for building a site. About .08% percent of you even know what that means.
  • I hope I look as good as Steven Tyler does when I’ve been dead for two years.
  • If I delivered babies I would so use the magic trick where you just keep pulling the scarf out.
  •  My desk says that if there’s an opposite of O.C.D, I probably have that.

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Butch Renfroe is a professional nerd with over 20-years experience with all things Inter-netty. He knows PHP and is not afraid to use it. He also knows MySQL and what a LAMP stack is. He also knows other techy sounding words like HTML, CSS, FTP and stuff like that. He is married to Debbie and father to Brad and Ryan.
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