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So. You’re still smoking in 2013?

A message from non-smokers.

Hey smokers: Your habit stinks.  It makes you smell.  It is foolish that you still do it in this day and age. The majority of us are now non-smokers in this country.

I say this with all the fervor of a man who used to be a nicotine addict like you.  My brand of tobacco habit was the “Just a pinch between the cheek and gum” variety. And while my smokeless tobacco habit was disgusting, at least I did not give anyone cancer from second hand dip.  My spit cup never caused someone with asthma to have an attack.

As a group, I have found hardcore smokers to be among the most selfish people because of their addiction. I have seen family members light up around small children during holiday gatherings.

I have watched people go to great lengths to get that smoke in at work places that have instituted no smoking policies. Want to see where the property line is at a work place with no smoking rules?  Just see where the smokers gather, they will be the first to know.

Quit.  Do whatever it takes, but quit.  You will save money and feel better. Plus, do you really want to be an addict?

I quit dipping.  You can quit smoking.

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