The Great Valentine’s Day Facebook Massacre

I made the following Facebook post on Valentine’s Day:

Some people reacted as if I were against love, romance, and chocolate.

First let us all get something straight and perfectly clear:  I am never against chocolate. Especially chocolate pie.

Mmmm. Pie.

One friend, for some reason, tagged me in the comments on a posted story about a couple who has an enduring tradition involving Valentine’s Day that has continued for 39 years even in the face of the lady of the story having dementia.  (Read the story here).

I think she probably tagged me in good fun, but just in case some people think I am Scrooge-ish on Valentine’s Day, let me give a few bullet points to clarify my view on this “Holiday”.

  • I am very much pro-love all 365 days a year.
  • If you tell me Happy Valentine’s Day, I am not going to give you the stink-eye and growl. I will smile and say thank you.
  • We actually did a photo on Debbie’s page with a Happy Valentine’s Day message! So, we won’t throw rocks at you for celebrating Valentine’s Day.
  • If the day is important to you and your significant other, fantastic! Y’all do your thing! I am glad for you guys!
  • However, do realize that my opinion of Valentine’s Day being turned into a mid-Winter scheme to sell stuff to people who feel pressured to buy stuff because they are INSENSITIVE JERKS if they do not buy stuff still holds true.

My wife and I don’t feel any less connected or in love because we don’t get cut flowers and chocolates or other gifts for each other because of what the ad agencies and retailers want us to do on a particular day.

This is our view. Doesn’t have to be yours. Your mileage may vary.

Let me tell you all a bit about us.

We met very young, married very young and grew-up together without growing apart. We had two special needs children who have become fine young men, but it was a challenge at times when they were growing up. That actually is a bit of an understatement. It was very very hard at times and it put pressures on us. Sometimes we had arguments, hurt feelings, and rough waters in the course of our 31 plus years because we are imperfect people.  But through it all, we have had a good marriage and a commitment to stay together.  We love each other and know we love each other.  Everyday.

So y’all have a great day. Valentine’s or otherwise!