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The Renfroe Files: The THV.Com Controversy

grandma-finds-the-internet-meme-blank-11During my time at KTHV Television in Little Rock, we had a slight problem during the first few years I was there. That was the domain name of

The problem wasn’t the domain name I would have loved to have that domain. The problem was we did not own the domain  Someone else had snatched that domain name up prior to my arrival to KTHV in 1999.

But the real problem was this: When people put in into their browser they were taken right to a hardcore pornography site.


You do not know how uncomfortable it is to have to show your general manager why we are getting complaints from people who thought we were running a porn site.  I remember the day well when I had to show our GM Susan where went and what it showed. She took it pretty well even though her webmaster’s face was the color of an over-ripe tomato.

And you can actually get used to talking to people, even little old ladies, who are calling you to tell you how insulted they are by “your porn website”.

The domain was owned by a company in Canada. When we inquired about purchasing the domain, they wanted a pretty big sum of money.  So,  instead of ponying up we just continued to answer emails and phone calls to explain why someones kid, spouse, or grandma was seeing porn when they visited “our” website.

I am glad to say that someone did cough up some money and purchased the domain Last I checked it went to a site that sells home improvement products.

But if you are reading this post years down the road and it goes to some place that makes grandma clutch her pearls, it’s not the TV station’s fault.

Or mine.

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