To The “Not My President” People

Just something that came to mind this inauguration day 2021.

“Well, they may be YOUR president, but they ain’t MY president!”

Yes they are. You may not like it. You may dislike or even despise the person in the Oval Office, but if you are a citizen of the United States they are indeed your president. For better or for worse.

Before you think I am attacking a particular political party or ideology, this is a sentiment I have seen displayed equally by passionate Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. Sounds just as inane to my ears no matter who says it.

Here is the deal folks, the office of the President of The United States is much bigger than the person who is the current occupant of the position. The office is bigger than your politics. They are indeed your president. Deal with it.

Look, you may not like your boss at your job, but they sure as heck can make all the decisions and tell you what to do. As long as you work for that company that boss is at, they call the shots. Saying that they are “Not my boss.” sounds kind of stupid, doesn’t it?

I am not sure when this all started. I know I remember hearing in pre-internet days. Probably at college when some whiny student was railing against Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, Trump was my President. Biden will be my President. Just like all the people who held that office during my lifetime. From LBJ to Biden, they have all been my President.

Just my thoughts on this day. Have a good one. – Butch