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Wear The Mask, Get Back To Work

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 America entered World War Two. During the ensuing years, Americans were asked to make sacrifices that greatly impacted their daily lives. Food, clothing, metals and even light bulbs were rationed for the greater good and support of the war effort and the men and women fighting overseas. Civilians were kicked off trains and planes to make way for American servicemen.

Americans collected metal, rubber, paper, even cooking grease and old rags. They did so without complaint for the war effort.  Wages were frozen, victory gardens were planted, war bonds were bought.

And we did it. Overall, we all came together, did what was asked and required and did it. And came out stronger on the other side.

Fast forward to today. We are asked to social distance and wear a mask and all of the sudden people are acting like they have been asked to give up their first born.

When asked to wear a mask, they will hold on to most tenuous leaps of logic and cite outdated sources, outright misinformation, and the idea that they are being “More American” because they will not wear a mask. They look for anything to reinforce their confirmation bias (look it up).  Some downplay the severity of the virus, decry it as a hoax, or hang on the the rally cry of “It is no worse than the flu!” (Hint it is worse. Numbers bear that out)

And the conspiracy theories. Good grief the conspiracy theories.  I have come the the conclusion on conspiracy theories, that you can’t fix people like that, but snoozing for 30 or just unfollowing them outright will keep the crazy off your feed.

Both sides of the issue have politicized an issue that should not be politicized. It is a shame. On them and our country.

You have one side saying we have to shut everything down until a treatment or vaccine is found. Another side saying that we have to just go right back to doing things like we always have.

Both of these views are wrong.

We have to be smart.  You want to see a public health crisis? Shut this economy down and you will see one that will dwarf the current pandemic. You want to see a spike in Covid related deaths?  Cram everyone into sporting events and concerts with no regard for stopping spread.

We need to go back to work and to life, and do it with social distancing, hand washing and yes…wearing a mask when around people you do not live with. 

Are masks 100%? Nope. They aren’t 0% either and have been shown to cut down on the spread. Full stop.

The problem I see right now is so many of us think sacrifice is when Starbucks runs out of cinnamon for your mocha. 


Note: I made edits to correct grammar and to add sources of both research and anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of properly wearing a mask.

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