Why I Reach Out To People Posting Hoaxes On Facebook

Dear Friend,

Hi.  You may have just happened upon this post, but I suspect you came here from a link I posted on my timeline, or maybe in reply to your post, or in a private message. I probably did it because of a Facebook post you made that is not true, a hoax, or a scam.

Now, I know you most likely posted what you did because you thought you were being helpful to your fellow man. You just wanted to help. That is admirable!

So with that in mind, please realize I am sharing this with you with no malice in mind and it is not to show you up or make you feel foolish. It is done with the sincere intent to help.

I’ve been doing this online thing for a living since 1997. In addition to other hats I wear at my job, I teach courses in online security and on social media topics.  So, I am expected to know a few things about the subject.  That said, I can usually smell an Internet hoax or Facebook scam from a mile away.

Why I am passionate about falsehoods and hoaxes being posted? The reason I get all fired up about those kinds of posts are because they spread lies and misinformation, and in some cases those posts can be harmful to others. At the very least, it is perpetuating un-truths.

And finally, YOU are responsible for what you post. Even if you are sharing someone else’s content.

So, I am asking you to help spread the truth! Always check the post to see if it is true or from a valid source.  Here are a list of sites that will be very helpful in determining if a what you thinking of sharing is legitimate or not:

That is a good starting point.

I also highly recommend this article from Forbes:

How To Avoid Spreading Hoaxes On Social Media


So take this in the spirit in which it is offered. And if I can ever help you in anyway with determining if something is legit or not before you post it, just let me know!

All The Best


P.S. I am serious about contacting me if you have a question!

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